Vegas, final, final wrap-up

I couldn’t really end my commentary on Vegas without at least one picture. Fortunately my friend Ben[1] has obliged with a picture that he took of myself and Lee on the roof bar at the Voodoo Lounge. I don’t know why I always make stupid faces in photos, I just do.

At the Voodoo Lounge

Lee and Richard have both posted on their Vegas experiences. Have to say that I agree with both of their entries, particularly Lee’s observations on wastage… although I don’t entirely subscribe to Richard’s views on the air conditioning – I don’t do hot weather, so this was good for me. After stepping onto the street for 5 minutes, I was suffering.

That’s it. Finito. All done. Back to the real world.

[1] Ben used to blog, but he doesn’t any more for fear of upsetting his future parents-in-law… 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Vegas, final, final wrap-up”

  1. If you’re worried about your expression, then maybe I should be worried about why I am applying two-handed pressure to my crotch. Maybe the amazing view, or standing next to you, was all too much for me!?!

  2. PS. It’s a shame Ben is so under the thumb now. I might have to create a blog on his behalf, where we can all comment on his exploits without the fear of censorship 🙂

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