One Big SL Weekend

On Friday night I read on the BBC News website that the One Big Weekend concert was going to be run simultaneously inside Second Life, on a private island that BBC Radio 1 has hired for a year. I knew I was going to be pretty busy this weekend, but this was such a great use of the Second Life technology that I knew I wanted to at least drop in for a while.

The first problem was finding the event. I couldn't find it in the Event pane in Find within Second Life (turns out this was probably because I'm incompetent at searching). Luckily I managed to find more information at New World Notes, and more at Wonderland, and got a link to the island.

I spent much of Saturday morning failing to get on… it kept dumping me off to a snowy region due to lack of capacity. In the end I decided to have "one last try" at getting to the BBC island, and eventually got to the right server about lunchtime.


When I did get on, I clicked the purple globe to start dancing, and was able to pick up free headphones and a radio. It turns out that there were also free glowsticks and t-shirts, but I must have missed them. Couldn't stay for long, as we had to go out.

NB my screenshot is pretty lame… you can barely even make out my avatar (and he's dancing like a girl, which doesn't help)… there are some far better ones at Wonderland, and of course also at eightbar.

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  1. Not as cool as it would have been to be at the actual concert, but it was pretty neat stuff. If I’d had a nice big plasma screen to display this in the living room it would have been cooler…

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