Check out the future of Lotus Notes

Following the recent announcements about the future of Sametime (I’m currently running the internal test release of Sametime 7.5, and it’s GREAT) – you can now find out about “Hannover”, the codename for the next release of Lotus Notes.

If you are interested in the inside scoop on what is going on in the Lotus product space – the software brand that covers IBM’s collaboration technologies – you should really be following these blogs:

(yes, I know I need to update my blogroll – much housekeeping is required around here, thank you for your patience…)

3 thoughts on “Check out the future of Lotus Notes

  1. i would like to know about future of lotus .is it going to close? please respond me .please compare this technology with the java about their scope & please answer me.i m really worried about my future.


  2. Please inform me what will be the future of lotus notes .I heard that many companies are shifting from notes to microsoft exchange. Is it true,please reply.


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