What happened to my photography?

Answer: I’ve not had much time for it lately. Until today I hadn’t uploaded anything new to Flickr for about a month. I just kind of ran out of steam, and then work got in the way for a few weeks, and we’ve not been anywhere. It will happen again, I’m just in a bit of a lull at the moment.

Anyway… in the meantime, I uploaded a number of shots taken by Ola and my father-in-law Andrzej. Ola took the 350D to Poland with her whilst I was in Vegas. I think the pictures are really nice, let us know what you think! These are just a selection, there are more to see if you click through and explore my photostream.

Polish garden Sprinkle of blue Bird tables

And as if to prove I was there, I did take one shot to demonstrate that I really went away…

Debris of Vegas

Spent a bit of time today visiting my contacts’ Flickr sites and commenting on photos. There is so much great work out there. I need to get back to it.

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  1. I haven’t been doing my rounds in flickr, too. I need to make time for it, really. I agree, so much great stuff out there… yours included!!

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