Full trip test

Last night I was able to give the TomTom a decent test drive. Here’s what I found:

  • The automatic switching to night mode (darker dimmer colours) worked fine, although it seemed to take quite a long time after dusk to kick in.
  • Minor niggles with the MP3 player:
    • No way to skip through parts of a track (that I can find), you can only skip over them to the next track.
    • No way of using the remote to skip tracks, you have to reach up to the screen.
    • No way to see the track name without going into the jukebox itself.
  • The Kate computer voice seems to stumble over some road names, particularly ones with more syllables – they come out gabbled. And she can’t say “Guildford” 🙂
  • There’s a stretch of the A3 around Tolworth that is marked as a 30 limit when it is a 50 limit. Amusingly, there’s even a safety camera warning for the 50 limit, but the unit still thinks it is a 30 limit on the road itself.

I would really have liked to have had GPRS on my phone, since we hit traffic quite a few times. In the end I turned off, and the TomTom worked out that I’d gone in another direction and worked out a new route from there. I love this feature!

Amazing the number of safety cameras on the way into London. The thing pinged me every few minutes! Barely any time to enjoy my music.

Overall, I’m even more impressed now that I’ve given it a better test. Just one or two niggles that will hopefully be ironed out over time – but this is a great piece of kit!

3 thoughts on “Full trip test”

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  2. i have returned two of these 910 units one had connectivity problems and the last had flickering screen(common i am told)
    tech/customer support at tom tom is very loose, that is to say that the tech tells you that your replacement 910 (that arrived) is a brand new unit even thought the documentation says “remanufactured”. the supervisor tells you that they have not produced any new ones in months….sounds like the first level techs are instructed to tell you that replacement units are all new.
    anyhow…it would seem to me (being in the service business myself) that you would want the customer to first feel confident that he will get a new unit, and secondly that if that is not possible…upgrade or make the deal RIGHT!

    i hear many stories of defective parts (cradles,screens, overheating etc. sounds to me like quality control is an issue with this firm.

    one teed off customer.

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