Monthly Archives: May 2006

Racing photography

I just came across an article on shooting F1 racing events.

Alpine stars

One of Ola’s friends is one of the top motor racing journalists in Poland, and knows Robert Kubica, rising star of the BMW Sauber F1 team. Last year Robert was driving for Epsilion Euskadi in the World Series by Renault. We were lucky enough to be able to watch the Donington leg of the tour, providing me with my one and only opportunity to far to try my hand at shooting a motor racing event. Check out my set on Flickr. I really need to add some more of the shots.

New Flickr features?

Over on the FlickrBlog, there’s an intriguing post promising some improved navigation and search facilities to be launched shortly. I’ve been quiet on Flickr of late, partly due to being away, tied up with work, and not having any new photos to post. Really must go and visit and see what my Contacts have been up to. I’ll be interested to see what the new site is like, when it is launched.

TomTom 910, still waiting

I’ve noticed an upsurge in visits to my blog from searches on the topic of the TomTom 910, undoubtedly because they are now on the market.

We’re still waiting. Ola ordered mine a few weeks ago from Expansys. According to the nice lady on the phone on Monday, they are due to have them in stock today. Fingers crossed that mine will be one of the ones shipped.

If you are interested in learning more, I’ve been hovering around the yourNav forums to find out what I can before I get my hands on the actual unit. I’ll post more when I’ve got it and started using it…

Update 5th June 2006… I’ve been noticing a lot of traffic to this post. I do actually have my 910 now. Go find out what I think about it in these other posts:

Update 13th December 2006: This is easily my most popular post, but I’ve written a lot about my TomTom, so I would encourage you to read more of my posts. I’ve now got a whole category where my TomTom posts are collected.

Vegas, final, final wrap-up

I couldn’t really end my commentary on Vegas without at least one picture. Fortunately my friend Ben[1] has obliged with a picture that he took of myself and Lee on the roof bar at the Voodoo Lounge. I don’t know why I always make stupid faces in photos, I just do.

At the Voodoo Lounge

Lee and Richard have both posted on their Vegas experiences. Have to say that I agree with both of their entries, particularly Lee’s observations on wastage… although I don’t entirely subscribe to Richard’s views on the air conditioning – I don’t do hot weather, so this was good for me. After stepping onto the street for 5 minutes, I was suffering.

That’s it. Finito. All done. Back to the real world.

[1] Ben used to blog, but he doesn’t any more for fear of upsetting his future parents-in-law… 🙂

Latest on my Second Life exploration

I spent a short time at the Second Life Linux User Group meeting on Saturday evening, although I was both very tired, and very late. That’s me on the far side towards the stage – black suit, red streaky hair. Didn’t participate in the conversation very much. The meeting was mostly about how to raise funds, although there was also a building competition (the white things scattered around are the mugs that got created in the competition, after they had been smashed around by us playing with billiard balls).


After that, I had another go at my screen. It turned out that my original plan of building a glass screen was not a very good one… once the texture was overlaid onto it, it ended up partially transparent and dim. I changed to a metal screen with white background, and also had to enable “full brightness” for the texture to show up nicely.


The media idea isn’t going to work at the moment, so I’ve switched to uploading a couple of JPEGs from my Flickr site for testing purposes. The screen works and flicks between them when touched. Unfortunately there’s currently no way to blank or reset the screen, I’m thinking I might send it commands over a channel. Coming soon. It’s all just experimental, anyway.

I found a great bunch of stuff at a place called Spidey’s Freebies. This included a spaceship, so I went for a cruise. The scripts helped me understand a lot more about what can be programmed in the world.


Tomorrow was the day when Second Life 1.9.1 was slated to be released… this release has proper directional lighting (which could severely test both my underspecced laptops, although they have held up so far – in fact it could potentially stop me from using SL I suppose), and the llHttpRequest API. The latter sounds really interesting, although as far as I can tell it is only able to fetch text/xml resources, and not images. You’ll note I’m saying “was”, because I just read that the release has been delayed. Hopefully not for too long…