Monthly Archives: June 2006

Discuss the future of gaming

I just became a contributor to GameTomorrow. Go take a look.

Second Life litters the hard drive

Linden Labs seem to be settling into a fairly regular cycle of maintenance + upgrade release for Second Life every Wednesday.

One of the slightly annoying things about this is that the upgrades are mandatory, and each one consists of a complete ~25Mb download. Not only that, but did you know that the upgrade installer isn’t deleted from your hard drive afterwards? Take a look in \Documents and Settings\[your_username]\Local Settings\Temp, you’ll find some 20-25Mb files with Second Life icons – those are the installers. Better do some housekeeping.

A glimmer of RAW hope

Anton points out in the comments to my previous entry that an Open Source solution for RAW processing would be far better than being reliant on a commercial product. I couldn’t agree more, especially after having been burned like this.

RawStudio looks like it might be an option. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but it looks like it is going in the right direction. It would be cool if it was as feature complete as RawShooter, and even cooler if it could import RawShooter settings so that I wouldn’t have to manually recreate my profiles for images I’ve already processed. Here’s hoping.

Incidentally, neither Pixmantec nor Adobe have deigned to email me to explain the buy-out, or the roadmap. Why should they, I’m only a PAYING CUSTOMER. I’m furious. In the meantime, Bibble Labs are offering a discount to Pixmantec customers.

Yet more Hursley bloggers

Chris Tomkins and Andrew Ferrier have started blogging. There might be the occasional post about WebSphere ESB.

Noooooo! Adobe gobbles Pixmantec

Found via .i dream in red., and reported by dpreview – Adobe has purchased Pixmantec, the provider of my favourite RAW processing software.

I’m annoyed. I’m a paying customer and user of RawShooter Premium, which Adobe are discontinuing. Pixmantec haven’t contacted me with this information, I’ve found out about it from weblogs.

My fellow users are also annoyed.

Gaaah! I don’t want Adobe LightRoom. I’d like to expect a free upgrade anyway, but given the rumoured price, and what I paid for the excellent RSP, I doubt that will happen.