Approaching Gendal velocity

A bit of gentle competition never hurt anyone.

My friend and IBM Software Services colleague Richard Brown was largely responsible for the birth of this blog.

It is therefore with some satisfaction that I note that after 6 months I’m currently at over 4,000 hits (a drop in the ocean when compared with Scoble and others, of course) while he’s nearing 5,500 after about 18 months of operation.

Comparing my Technorati profile with his entry, it looks like I’m slightly more highly rated, too.

(hint to Richard: you should probably claim your other blogs on Technorati, too… I just did a double-take, didn’t realise you’d started Gendalnomics already – where was the publicity, or did I just miss it?)

He’s resisted my attempts to move him from Blogger to WordPress. Although it took a while for Google to sort itself out, a glance at my WordPress stats now indicates that I’m getting a lot of good traffic from search engines again.

Richard’s main blog is excellent, by the way. He covers a lot of great subjects, particularly around IBM, technology, economics, and various things that I don’t have the brain power to appreciate in as much detail as he does. Well worth a read. Just make sure you come back here afterwards 😉

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