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My friend and ISSW colleague Simon emailed me to point out that there’s another Andy Piper who blogs on technical (and Java-related) topics. I’ve actually known about this for some time – who hasn’t Googled their own name before?

The other guy contributed to XEmacs, and is relatively “famous” in some techie circles. On the second services engagement I ever went on for IBM, 5 years ago now, I introduced myself, and a star-struck techie at the customer said “not THE Andy Piper? the one who wrote emacs?”. I was slightly taken aback!

The slightly unfortunate aspect of the situation is that he works for BEA, and has even written a book on Weblogic… which can lead to confusion… he doesn’t actually seem to blog much, though.

So no, I’m not that one.

Who am I? See the About page 🙂

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