Lotus is opening a greenhouse

Luis made me aware of a new site from IBM alphaworks – the Lotus Greenhouse. Although it is very much still in the making, it already lists several of the cool new collaborative technologies that we have been playing with internally – including dogear, our social bookmarking and tagging system. There's likely to be some more about Sametime 7.5 at some stage, too.

Update: the site is currently not fully open. Expect to see some changes while they get it up-and-running. As I type this, I can't actually log in to the site at all. I'm sure all this will change soon.

3 responses to “Lotus is opening a greenhouse

  1. its behind the registration firewall, which is bad news, imho. why keep out casually interested parties?


  2. I think the site is still work in progress – I can’t actually get in even with a valid IBM ID at the moment. You’ll find the links in my post don’t work properly right now, although they did when I posted this entyr. We can probably expect some changes over the next couple of weeks while they decide how the site is going to look. I should probably make this more explicit in my post.


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