New Broker and MQ Administration tooling!

Very exciting news.

SupportPac IS02 was released today. From the text description, you might be lulled into suspecting that this is just another Eclipse plugin for MQ Explorer. In fact, this is a very cool extension that enables WebSphere Message Broker resources (brokers etc.) to be managed directly alongside your queue managers. It also means that WMB administrators no longer need to install the full Message Brokers Toolkit if all they want to do is perform basic administration tasks such as BAR file deployment, create/start/stop brokers, etc..

Congratulations to the development team. I got to take an early look at this in the lab, so I’m really keen to show it to our customers.

I’d post a screenshot but I don’t have the bandwidth to upload one at the moment. Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “New Broker and MQ Administration tooling!”

  1. The second version of this has been released and included remote administration as well as view/control of stats&accounting data… very, very cool!

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