Daily Archives: June 12, 2006

The curse of comment spam

I suppose it is a sign of growing popularity that I’m getting an increasing amount of comment spam – or just a fact that the spammers will try it on with any wordpress.com blog.

Oddly enough, Lorelle has just blogged about this. I’m getting about 50 a day at the moment, and one or two sometimes slip through past Akismet, but I can easily click the “mark as spam” link in the email notification of any new comments.

Anyway, the Akismet spam filter is pretty good. If only I didn’t get any at all, I’d avoid the need to 1) go and review the entries in the Akismet panel on the Dashboard, and 2) click the Delete All button….

Will my blog ever hit BBC News?

Scoble’s just did…

What is it like to write a Redbook?

Just came across a blog which is documenting the experience of writing a Redbook on Domino Web Access 7 at ITSO in Cambridge, MA.

I spent one of the best five weeks of my career with IBM working on the Migrating to Message Broker v5 book back in spring/summer 2003. I got to spend that time working with a group of 7 hugely talented people from around the world (Australia, Japan, South Africa, US, UK), plus it gave me long enough working in the lab to finally work out how to find my way around IBM Hursley!

Our Redbook Residencies are open to customers as well as Business Partners and IBM employees, so take a look at the list of upcoming residencies and see if there is anything you'd like to get involved with. It's a very rewarding experience.