WordPress.com just gets better and better

More news justifying my move to WordPress.com

You can now export your whole blog as XML (and import elsewhere). Now all we need is for all of the major blogging engines to agree on some kind of consolidated metadata standard for storing blog information…

There’s yet another new theme, with custom header images. I keep looking at changing my theme but I’ve been happy with what I’ve got for a while. I’ll have to think about it.

Someone tell me the last time Blogger rolled out significant new function. Go on. I’m curious. It just seems as though WordPress has much, much greater vitality. There is really only one thing I’m missing, and that’s the ability to embed Javascript-y or Flash-y things into my sidebar – and I can live without that. For the rest, I’m delighted with this platform.

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2 thoughts on “WordPress.com just gets better and better”

  1. I kind of feeling stupid when I stick with Blogger, but somehow WordPress does not appeal to me. I do not know why, but I think it has to do with everybody is saying how good it is.

    Thoug, I do see, that I should move to another platform soon, but are there any other options than WordPress? (And still free)

  2. I think there are other options – MSN Spaces is free, for example. I don’t know too much in detail about what all the free blogging hosting platforms are. By all means take a look around.

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