Updating the ATI driver on a Thinkpad

Note: follow the advice below at your own risk!

Ever noticed how you can't get a recent (Catalyst) Windows driver for the ATI graphics chips in some Thinkpads? I'm thinking of the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 in a T40, the 7500 in an R40… there are probably others. If you try to install a recent Catalyst driver, there's a warning about the INF file not being found.

It turns out that the current drivers can be installed, but only after some gentle persuasion. This page explains how, and provides a tool to let you install them. You'll need the .NET framework to get it to work.

One response to “Updating the ATI driver on a Thinkpad

  1. Cool, thanks Andy,

    it was two days ago, that I had sweared at the thinkpad driver, you made my day, really big thanks!


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