TomTom updates, and the World Cup

During the week, I got an email from (the successor to the old MyTomTomGo site) saying that a new firmware for the TomTom x10 series had been released.

This is a very helpful update. I currently have a problem whereby the TomTom switches itself off at random when driving. I’m pretty sure the mount is faulty and I’ve opened a problem ticket with TomTom themselves, but in the meantime this firmware update prevents the unit from switching itself off if it loses the connection with the mount when driving. It’s a sticking-plaster update (having the thing run its battery down while driving is not ideal), so I need to pursue the replacement mount option as well.

When I downloaded the update, I noticed a little World Cup panel at the bottom left of the TomTom HOME window. So, I clicked it.

You can get free voices, colour schemes, points of interests and maps associated with the World Cup. I downloaded the free Sven voice. It’s amusing. I’m impressed that TomTom have gone to these lengths, and this was a nice bonus.

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