Daily Archives: June 19, 2006

Weekend trips

On Friday evening we went to Kew Gardens. We’re Friends of Kew, so we get invited to various out-of-hours events, but this was the first time we’d been able to make it. The idea was that we could visit and take a picnic, or just walk around and relax at a time when the gardens were quieter than usual. In the end, we went on a tour of the grounds on the land train, seeing some of the parts of the gardens that we’d not visited before – such as the newly-reopened Kew Palace. Afterwards, we wandered up to the Pagoda hoping to get to go inside (the building has recently reopened to the public and the views are supposed to be great)… unfortunately we got there too late. I spotted more parts of the gardens that we must visit in future, though.

Saturday marked five years since Ola and I first met. Our first meeting was in Oxford, so it seemed like a nice idea to go back there. Since the weather was so good, we decided to go punting… it has been about eight years since I last got into a punt, but I was glad to find that it all came back very quickly. Ola had a go at driving, and she did really well for a first go, but I think she was most contented when sitting back and drifting along the river!

Check out the photos – click one from the selection below, or visit the (small) set from Oxford.

Pagoda on a summer evening House by the Isis Setting off

MQ from Tcl

Once upon a time, I used to know Tcl quite well. I started my career implementing and supporting DCE for a large organisation in the UK. The scripting / command language was Tcl. Readers with good memories may remember that it was also the scripting language used in early versions of WebSphere Application Server (which is no suprise since the technology originally came from a company called Transarc, which was big into DCE). It has all been replaced with Jython now, of course.

Anyway, the other day I came across a sample demonstrating how to access MQ from Tcl. It uses Java under the covers to actually make the connection, using the JMS API. Maybe the sample is of interest to somebody.