Day: June 21, 2006

Custom header image

If you’re following my blog via a feed, you won’t have seen this, but I’ve taken advantage of the custom header feature recently added to – partly to liven things up slightly, and partly to differentiate myself from Aidy, who is using the same theme at the moment. Not sure whether I’m going to change themes yet, I’ve been happy with this one since I moved to

A few of points to note about the custom header:

  • I had to add the text to the image myself (which I did using The GIMP) as although you can change the colour of the header text using the WP configuration tools, you can’t reposition it. It turned out that the Contempt theme uses Trebuchet MS as the header font, so I stuck with that for my header image.
  • I also had fun getting an image of the right size… although you can crop the image using the admin console, I found it easier to do that myself, otherwise I couldn’t get the elements I wanted in the right places… the dimensions for the image in the Contempt theme turn out to be 750×140.
  • Finally, even when your image is the right size, you still have to “crop” it (i.e. select the whole thing) or you end up with a black header after you click Save.

Before anyone asks – it shows an old tin mine in Cornwall, not far from St Agnes, and it was taken during our holiday last year. We’ll be off there again in less than a month 🙂

If you are following my feed, click on this post and come and have a look at the site – let me know what you think!

DB2 v9 goodness – new Express-C, and XML support

I’ve mentioned DB2 version 9 previously (it was known as “Viper” during the development and beta phases)…

We’ve just made the Express-C version available for download. DB2 Express-C is a free version of our full DB2 offering.

There’s also a new article on developerWorks that discusses how to get the most out of the new pureXML® support, including examples showing how XML is stored and how it can be queried and transformed using SQL, SQL/XML, XQuery, and XQuery with embedded SQL. I attended an internal presentation on this technology at IBM Hursley recently, and it is absolutely brilliant. I can see that it is going to add another new dimension to the ways in which our customers can access their data.