Monthly Archives: June 2006

MQ from Tcl

Once upon a time, I used to know Tcl quite well. I started my career implementing and supporting DCE for a large organisation in the UK. The scripting / command language was Tcl. Readers with good memories may remember that it was also the scripting language used in early versions of WebSphere Application Server (which is no suprise since the technology originally came from a company called Transarc, which was big into DCE). It has all been replaced with Jython now, of course.

Anyway, the other day I came across a sample demonstrating how to access MQ from Tcl. It uses Java under the covers to actually make the connection, using the JMS API. Maybe the sample is of interest to somebody.

More bloggers escape from Hursley

Hursley’s Adrian Spender has just started his own blog. You can find out more about who Adrian is on his comprehensive About page. In summary – he’s a key developer working on our WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus technology, and a great guy. His blog already has some great content – love the post about best and worst gadgets, for one.

TomTom updates, and the World Cup

During the week, I got an email from (the successor to the old MyTomTomGo site) saying that a new firmware for the TomTom x10 series had been released.

This is a very helpful update. I currently have a problem whereby the TomTom switches itself off at random when driving. I’m pretty sure the mount is faulty and I’ve opened a problem ticket with TomTom themselves, but in the meantime this firmware update prevents the unit from switching itself off if it loses the connection with the mount when driving. It’s a sticking-plaster update (having the thing run its battery down while driving is not ideal), so I need to pursue the replacement mount option as well.

When I downloaded the update, I noticed a little World Cup panel at the bottom left of the TomTom HOME window. So, I clicked it.

You can get free voices, colour schemes, points of interests and maps associated with the World Cup. I downloaded the free Sven voice. It’s amusing. I’m impressed that TomTom have gone to these lengths, and this was a nice bonus.

Victory is mine!

As of right now: 5,814 plays 5,781.

I know I’m being petty, but: sorry, Richard 🙂

Updating the ATI driver on a Thinkpad

Note: follow the advice below at your own risk!

Ever noticed how you can't get a recent (Catalyst) Windows driver for the ATI graphics chips in some Thinkpads? I'm thinking of the ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 in a T40, the 7500 in an R40… there are probably others. If you try to install a recent Catalyst driver, there's a warning about the INF file not being found.

It turns out that the current drivers can be installed, but only after some gentle persuasion. This page explains how, and provides a tool to let you install them. You'll need the .NET framework to get it to work.