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More Second Life in the mainstream press

This Saturday, The Times – the newspaper of record in the UK – ran a 2 page spread on Second Life (online version here). This was in the main newspaper, not in the magazine or one of the other weekend supplements. Nothing stunningly new in the coverage… again talking about real people making real money through SL (Anshe Cheung always seems to get a mention in these pieces), how easy it is to get started, the various subcultures you might encounter (with the usual health warnings). The message was very much, “this could be the next big thing”. Well, if it is, I’m glad that I’m involved already…

Striking that I seem to encounter SL in so many places in Real Life now. This is just yet another example of the mainstream media paying attention.

The Second Life Insider blog has its own coverage of the article.

RawShooter to Lightroom…

The controversy over Adobe’s acquisition of Pixmantec subsided while I was on holiday. I got back to find an email from the Pixmantec founders explaining that as a buyer of RawShooter Premium, I’d be entitled to a copy of Lightroom when it became available. On top of that, they are looking at ways to migrate the RSP settings to Lightroom. These were certainly welcome bits of information, I just don’t understand why they didn’t contact Pixmantec users much sooner, instead of leaving us to stew.

Unfortunately, I’ve not read brilliant things about the Lightroom beta for Mac, and of course that beta was Mac-only… until yesterday, when I received an email from Adobe informing me that the Windows beta is now available.

Reader, I downloaded it.

No time to install it or look at it in detail yet. I already know that it is going to be very different to the RAW processor I’m used to. More when I’ve given it a test drive.

JEE becoming too complex?

There’s a good piece entitled On the Death of Java EE aka J2EE over at the blog of one of the analysts I follow (Cote from Redmonk). It is about a week old, but I only just caught it. If this is your space, you may find it interesting.

Ars Technica rates Sametime 7.5 “certifiably cool”!

This Ars Technica article talks about the forthcoming release of Sametime 7.5, IBM’s next-generation instant messaging product. I’ve talked about it before here on my blog, and the good news is that Ars Tech are pretty keen. I’ve been using test versions of ST 7.5 for a number of months now, and I’m a total addict!

Ed Brill notes that beta 3 is now available

Farnborough photos chosen for news footage

One of my photos from the Farnborough Airshow has been chosen to illustrate a news story 🙂