All new Plazes, still beta

Yesterday, two postings on the Plazes blog, and another on Christian Heindel’s blog, alerted me to the fact that Plazes was going to get an upgrade.

The new version is now out there, and I like it. It is nicely integrated with Google Maps, with map markers showing known Plazes near you. The profile has been extended to support more information. Overall, it is a good clean interface. The one thing I find slightly annoying is that I now have to scroll down the dashboard page to see my contacts.
(also, I’m finding that now that I’m “Plazeless” – because I’m on on dialup right now – the website seems to be behaving very oddly, but maybe that is a temporary issue… things like the Smartlists don’t seem to be operating, and the maps are not showing)

I’m quite amused by the fact that unlike Flickr (which recently went from Beta to Gamma), Plazes is proudly “still beta”.

A couple of other points… the Plazes API now has its own blog and wiki… and the Java interface was recently extended to cover more of the Plazes API. The mailing list for the API has just started to get a bit more traffic, too.

If you’re not using Plazes yet, take a look. Maybe you can catch up with Ed Brill, who has discovered far more Plazes than I ever hope to…

Update: looks like the website issues are somehow related to a combination of a 3G mobile connection plus Firefox 1.5, it works in IE… 😦

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