JEE becoming too complex?

There’s a good piece entitled On the Death of Java EE aka J2EE over at the blog of one of the analysts I follow (Cote from Redmonk). It is about a week old, but I only just caught it. If this is your space, you may find it interesting.

2 thoughts on “JEE becoming too complex?”

  1. […] Cote’ posted an article recently discussing the possible death of J2EE (Andy Piper, another blogger from here in Hursley, has noticed this too). It’s pretty hard to assess the likelihood of that happening, and I’m not sure I’m in a position to comment. However, it’s probably truthful to say that J2EE is a complex platform to get to grips with. In a sense, J2EE, although a standard and a platform, has always really been Java plus some other stuff (EJBs, Web Services, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, etc.) rather than a single entity. This means you really need to be able to claim an understanding of all of these to fully ‘get’ J2EE. […]

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