TV viewers, get a clue

The BBC News website reports reports that there have been 500 complaints about “provocative” comments made in Top Gear over the last series. Quite rightly, many of them have been rejected as being part of the programme’s humour and style – Jeremy Clarkson has made a career out of hyperbole.

Those people who don’t get it… well, it was spelled out in a recent Sunday Times article where the journalist spent the day with the Top Gear team and Clarkson remarked that he was determined to “beat Ross” after the comments about Thatcher… and even the Poles get it – a recent Guardian supplement on Poles in Britain noted that Clarkson is currently Warsaw’s favourite author, and that Polish women don’t consider him offensive, since the jokes are jokes, made in good humour.

Round of applause for the BBC on this one!

3 thoughts on “TV viewers, get a clue”

  1. You’ve never watched Top Gear?? Ah well… you just missed the last of the current series!

    Superman was very good, and worthy of a post of its own, but I’m not going to find time, so this will have to do… very much a sequel to Superman 2. I loved the way that Singer used the same credits, music, and style – even though it was very 70s/80s! The plot was flimsy, but that’s often the case with superhero films. Acting good and solid from most, and excellent from Spacey. Just a great, great, escapist film that took me back to the originals, very much a part of my childhood, I had a huge grin on my face for much of the movie… my wife wasn’t so keen on the film, particularly the ending, which I won’t spoil here. Worth a look!

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