Spaces mutation

MSN Spaces has become Windows Live Spaces.

I took the opportunity to update the look of my Space a little bit, but I can’t get it to display Flickr photos from my RSS feed, and I can’t get w.bloggar to post to it. Oh well. It was only ever an experiment, from my point of view. I’m still not a fan.

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7 thoughts on “Spaces mutation”

  1. Although I previously stood up for MSN Spaces, I must say I am yet to be convinced by this new look. It’s not as clean as some of the other blogging environments out there, and seems even more heavyweight on the client side than before, if that’s possible.

    Time will tell, but I think I need to explore other options with a little more intent now…

  2. I’ve found the new version very difficult to use and from a readers point of view, it’s difficult to read and navigate.

    I think its time to spread my wings and fly away from the MSN nest.

    How have you found WordPress? Would you recommend it to other bloggers?

    My only worry about moving from MSN is if people rely on the messenger gleams to see if my space has been updated. Although I’m not even sure if they work properly anymore…

  3. I definitely recommend WordPress, 100%. It is easy to manage, simple, and does the job.

    However you may find some things on (the hosted version) annoying, such as the fact that you can’t include scripts and badges etc. in your sidebar. You’ll also need to have some external hosting for photos, e.g. Flickr. Also WordPress cannot import from Spaces (I moved from Blogger, and WP imported everything for me), so I’m not sure how you would manage that… I have some old postings describing how I got myself set up here in some detail – look back to late March.

    Personally I rely on my RSS reader to show me when your blog has been updated, rather than MSN messenger, but I can see that might be a concern to keep in mind for your other readers.

  4. Thanks for your feedback :o)

    Looks like I’m going to have to look into it some more before deciding on where to move my blog to.

  5. Sam, you could always set up a WordPress account and blog and have a play to see how you get on… that’s what Kelly did (although she stayed with Blogger in the end). Ultimately I don’t know if you will find any sites where you’ll be able to import your existing content easily, MS aren’t likely to use a very handy format, although I suppose you could just grab all your RSS entries.

    What is the showstopper?

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