Pole in the Grand Prix

Much excitement this weekend… Robert Kubica has replaced Jacques Villeneuve driving for BMW Sauber in the Hungarian Grand Prix. Kubica is the first Polish driver in F1. After today’s qualifiers, he is 9th on the grid for tomorrow’s race.

We saw Kubica racing at Donington last season, when he was with the Epsilon Euskadi team in the Renault World Series. One of Ola’s friends is a well-known racing journalist in Poland, and we were able to get passes to the event. I just uploaded some photos of last year’s event to Flickr (click on a thumbnail for more):

Kubica ready to race Robert Kubica at Donington Kubica Ola enjoys the winnings

5 responses to “Pole in the Grand Prix

  1. Well, we watched the race, and the 3 Polish girls in the room got very excited whenever Kubica was mentioned… unfortunately for them, the first win for Jensen Button pretty much overshadowed reporting of anything else further down the grid.

    Kubica drove brilliantly to a 7th place finish, only to be disqualified for having an underweight car – very upsetting 😦


  2. Well, now Villeneuve is permanently out, so hopefully Kubica is permanently in…


  3. Being a Pole, living in Canada, I have mixed emotions about Villeneuve’s departure. He was a star here in Canada even while racing in Indy 500, and his move and early success in F1 cemented his celebrity. But, the star began to fade, and so it is not very surprising to me that he is being gradually discarted to the sidelines. I am excited that Kubica now has the opportunity to take part in the greatest motorsport of them all 🙂



  4. Thanks for your comment ib – sorry that WordPress decided it was spam, I’ve restored it now. We’ll have to see how Kubica performs in Turkey next weekend.


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