Competition for w.bloggar?

I’ve just been reading about Windows Live Writer, the desktop blogging tool from Microsoft aimed at Windows Live Spaces.

It looks quite nice in the screenshots. I’m not going to be using it, primarily because it apparently doesn’t work with… although w.bloggar copes with my WordPress and Roller-based blogging accounts, it won’t let me post to my Windows Live Spaces blog (not that I actually use that one, so it’s no big deal).

If you are a die-hard Windows and Windows Live Spaces user, by all means check it out. I’m sticking with w.bloggar for now.

(update: read the comments – looks like Windows Live Writer should work with WordPress, although I haven’t tried it yet… not only that, but it looks like the w.bloggar site is dead at the moment, and I can’t contact the author, so that’s pretty bad!)

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3 thoughts on “Competition for w.bloggar?”

  1. Please don’t let misinformation about WordPress disuade you from trying out Writer. It works with any blogging service that supports the Metaweblog API, so it definitely works with (it’s one of our main testing platforms). Most members of the Writer team have personal blogs on WordPress.

    -Spike Washburn
    (Writer dev team)

  2. Wow. That was swift! Thanks for the visit and the comment… I had read that WordPress should be supported, so I have actually downloaded it and will give it a try later.

  3. It definately works with and I think it will defeat ‘w.bloggar’ in near future.

    Also ‘’ is Online again.

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