Trivial Google annoyance

Google have changed their page so that the order of search shortcuts is now Web, Images, Video, News, Maps – and then a “more” item which pops up a box with further search types.

My default behaviour is that if I can’t find the answer to my query on a Web search, I immediately go for Groups. That used to be one extra click, now it is two. It’s trivial, but annoying. I suppose I should write myself a Greasemonkey script to put things back the way I want them… actually somebody has probably already written one… [goes off to check]

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5 thoughts on “Trivial Google annoyance”

  1. Hi Andy,

    Came across your blog. Thanks for the tips on the articles on developerWorks: high quality stuff.

    It seems no Greasemonkey script is needed, as Google UK, being a conservative site, is still offering this:
    Web Images Groups News Froogle more »
    and so is Google pl:
    Sieć Grafika Grupy dyskusyjne Katalog więcej »

    I’m in Norwich (NU) now; may see you at the 31st UG meeting.

    Best wishes
    Mike Sarni

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mike! Hope you are well.
    Interesting – hadn’t checked the .uk or .pl sites, I always use .com by habit.

    I may be speaking at the UG on Oct 31st, I think, but haven’t got a definite topic just yet… suggestions on broker-related subjects of interest are welcomed.

  3. Thanks, Andy – I’m fine. From this blog it is clear that you are enjoying life, too.

    A topic recently surfaced here at NU: how stateless is WMB. Perhaps you could put together a 10-min theoretical intro (stateless/stateful), and then give a practical introduction – with examples – to the latest V6 offerings (shared variables, Java static variables).

    Well, they will give you a slot sooner or later.

    In a number of places I saw developers too busy to learn enough about new tricks, available in each new version, to try any. Examples are the best way to encourage people.

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