Daily Archives: August 15, 2006

How to keep track of blog comments

Andrew Ferrier notes that blog commenting is weak – and I happen to agree with him. If a comment is left on my own WordPress.com blog, I get notified by email. If I go off and comment on another blog (say, something hosted on Blogger or Spaces) then I have to remember to revisit that post later.

The good news is that WordPress.com just announced a new My Comments feature. This means that I can track responses to comments that I’ve left on other WP.com blogs via my Dashboard. Combined with the recently-launched (and brilliant) Tag Surfer feature, this makes WP.com much more like Flickr as a community site. I’m sure I’ll discovering a bunch of new blogs as a result.

I’ve recently helped to convert Sam to WordPress.com… and my own decision to migrate continues to pay off in spades, as more and more excellent new features are added. Just remind me again, does PlodderBlogger provide built-in stats, comment tracking, tag surfing, import/export, mobile support, widgets…? no? how long ago did Google buy them, promising riches and improvements?

Incidentally, IBM’s internal blogging setup also allows me to keep track of comments I have left on other people’s blogs, via a similar dashboard. I guess this is one advantage of a centrally-hosted, centrally-developed blogging system.

Any more takers for the WordPress.com conversion?

[update: apparently Blogger is about to be upgraded. Whoop-de-do! here’s a review…]