Daily Archives: August 21, 2006

Windows Live Writer mini-review

Not-at-all-coincidentally following on from my w.bloggar lament, I’ve been testing Windows Live Writer (which I mentioned last week, but never got around to installing).

Some observations:

  • Lovely user interface. I can’t really fault it.
  • The ability to just point it at a blog URL and have it work out what type of blog it is dealing with is very nice.
  • It fulfils my major criteria for a blogging client, allowing me to edit the HTML of my post if necessary – although it doesn’t perform syntax highlighting, or have any obvious way of setting up custom tags. Also, it forces the use of paragraph tags / style even if I don’t want them.
  • It doesn’t know about Roller, so for my internal IBM weblog I had to set it up with the Metaweblog API. It doesn’t seem to retrieve the tags / categories for a Roller weblog. It also isn’t able to download my blog’s style settings. 
  • It would be nice to have it provide support for uploading pictures to Flickr.
  • There’s support for sending trackbacks automatically. I haven’t tried this yet, but it is a welcome addition.

All-in-all, remarkably nice for a beta.

Trying to save w.bloggar…

My favourite blogging tool, w.bloggar, has dropped off the Internet – the site is suspended at the moment 😦

I’ve been trying to reach the author, Marcelo Leal Limaverde Cabral, but his email address is at the wbloggar.com domain, and I assume that he’s not able to pull mail from there at the moment.

Anyone know how to contact him? It would be good to keep w.bloggar alive, it is the most useful blogging tool I’ve found so far.