Trying to save w.bloggar…

My favourite blogging tool, w.bloggar, has dropped off the Internet – the site is suspended at the moment 🙁

I’ve been trying to reach the author, Marcelo Leal Limaverde Cabral, but his email address is at the domain, and I assume that he’s not able to pull mail from there at the moment.

Anyone know how to contact him? It would be good to keep w.bloggar alive, it is the most useful blogging tool I’ve found so far.

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  1. What licence is it under? It isn’t perfect for me, in fact I never really used it as it lacked features I wanted. If you love it that much, would you maintain the code if the author has dropped it (or just dropped off the net?)

  2. I agree that I’d prefer it to be open source so that other people could maintain it. My knowledge of Windows programming APIs is far less strong than it once was, so i suspect I’d struggle.

  3. Andy, thanks for your comment on my blog about w.bloggar. I guess I am late to the party, but I would still like to try it out. Keep us posted about your efforts to contact the author. Thanks for trying to save w.bloggar.

  4. Hi Andy! You know that for me w.bloggar is also the most useful blogging tool (have tried Qumana, Performancing for Firefox, Flock) and it’s a shame the site hasn’t come back yet. I even have a badge for w.bloggar in my internal weblog but since the site is offline it doesn’t show up 🙁 That’s how I discovered right away that there was something wrong happening.

    Maintaining the code? It’s a possibility, a nice and interesting one indeed, but I guess what we (I) really want to know first is to hear from Marcelo about what’s happening with the tool; maybe the donations were not enough, if any.

  5. No, I haven’t – I’ve tried a few email addresses that looked promising, but no responses. Looks like he’s dropped off the Net.

    I’m sorry, but Windows Live Writer is looking better and better – I came across a bunch of new plugins again yesterday. I’m basically converted at this point…

  6. Dear Andy, would you be so nice to send me, by email, the last version you have of w.bloggar? Windows Live Writer is great, but it have problems in WP with dates other than today. Please send me to see this w.bloggar you wrote about. You have the email in writing this post.

  7. Radu, I’ve sent it. If you have problems with WLW, it might be worth asking over at the WLW blog… that’s what I’m doing to try and get them to make it work with Roller. Haven’t seen any problem with WP but then I’ve not tried to do anything with days other than today.

  8. The w.bloggar site is back, it’s not restored in it’s entirety since now it is another hosting space. The latest exe and zip install packages are there for download.

  9. I just learned about w.bloggar since TypePad has been having so many problems. I don’t see an option for sending trackbacks in w.bloggar. I downloaded it today from CNET. Help. Email me.

  10. Debbie, thanks for visiting my blog. You’re right – w.bloggar doesn’t have any direct support for Trackbacks. This isn’t a problem for me, since my blog host ( will automatically send trackbacks for me on anything I post – I don’t even have to look up the trackback URLs, in most cases.

    Windows Live Writer does support Trackbacks. Take a look at my blog entries about WLW. I much prefer it over w.bloggar now (the fact that the author of w.bloggar is entirely unresponsive hasn’t helped, either).

  11. Thanks, I will check it out. I tried Performancing for Firefox, and I really like it. TypePad help tickets tell me it is not compatable with TypePad, but it worked better than w.bloggar and Zempt. I got errors each timeI tried to post to TypePad using them.

  12. Desktop publishins agents, what do you think?

    I’ve been having problems with TypePad and they suggested I use a desktop publishing agent like BlogJet, w.bloggar, Zempt. I tried Zempt, but kept getting errors when trying to set up the account. w.bloggar looked like it would be great,

  13. At the bottom of the post window you should see a bar called Properties and Trackbacks – click it and it will pop up. There should then be a tab for Trackbacks.
    (alternatively hit F2, or choose View->Post Properties from the menu)

  14. Oh thank you. I just hate trying to figure out new stuff. No, I’m not an idiot, just technically challenged. Can I put a link to you on my sidebar as my ‘Technical Expert’? Seriously?

  15. That’s absolutely fine, feel free 🙂

    I should just point out that we don’t share the same views on every one of the issues you post about… but as long as we’re both entitled to our own opinions, I’m happy to be called a technical expert.

  16. I welcome everybody and all opinions. I just say what I think, and let everybody else express their views. Healthy debate is good.

    Seriously, I appreciate your help today. Anything I can do for you, let me know.

  17. Issue with w.bloggar

    Yesterday and today I have been getting an error from w.bloggar where it says that shdocvw.dll is not correctly registered, something like that.
    Today I got a different message for the error where the error window is named “RainDrops ActivePack…

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