Yahoo Messenger login problems

All of a sudden, Gaim doesn’t want to let me logon to Yahoo IM. The Yahoo Web Messenger doesn’t work, either (either it, or the Java plugin, causes Firefox to crash; and if I run it in IE, it doesn’t connect). Anyone know why?

I’m waiting for the Yahoo IM interoperability for Sametime 7.5 to be released…

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  1. Try upgrading? my MSN messenger plugin was crashiong gaim and an upgrade solved that. Of course, I am running Gaim2 so maybe I have a different issue

  2. I’m also running Gaim2 – I’m just grabbing the latest to make sure it’s not backlevel, but since I only installed it last week I thought it would be OK.

  3. Nope. Just upgraded to beta3.1, and it still won’t connect.
    This is all I see in the debug log:

    (10:26:39) connection: Connecting. gc = 01964FA0
    (10:26:39) dns: DNS Lookup for:
    (10:26:39) proxy: Connecting to with no proxy
    (10:26:39) proxy: Connect would have blocked.
    (10:26:39) proxy: Connected.
    (10:26:39) yahoo: Only wrote -1 of 36 bytes!

    It just sits there in “Connecting” status. Oh well 🙁

    Hmm. MSN isn’t working, either. “Writing error” from the gateway.

  4. Dear All, I’ve a problem with yahoo messenger at office
    The Problem is..our administrator have block proxy, and
    we can’t instal YM software from yahoo,
    Another site like Meebo and ebuddy have block too
    so maybe you have best solution for my problem
    I wait for the answer from you….help me plese

  5. I am still login yahoo messenger when I log off. What is the solution for this problem?

  6. Hi, I’m afraid I’ve got no idea how to solve your Yahoo problem. It seems OK for me, as long as I use the official client.

  7. Im working in an Internet Cafe. We have 30 units running & Why is it we cant login to Yahoo Msgr? What seems to be the problem?…. We already uninstall it & after that reinstall the YM…

  8. I just can’t connect to my Yahoo Messenger.
    I tried with the version 5 and everything runs perfect. Why is this f..cking version 8 not working ? And of course no website to inform the Yahoo customers of the reason why.

  9. i’ve got the same problem, and isnt the first time when happens, last times the problem solved by itself. i those cases i use PIDGIN, this works fine. i’ll wait till next reboot when maybe YM will repair by itself:)

  10. my yahoo mail id not opening….. even though i produced the correct one….. what to do….. please tell me the solution ……..please do the need full

  11. I recently got my unlimited web through Edge Wireless. I have been with this company for six years. I have had issues with yahoo for three weeks now! It keeps me logged in but, it brings up the yahoo id page! I am so upset! I enter correct passwrds and everything. Its not going to log me in if i am already in! Some one better tell me this issue. Its not edge. Alread did that!

  12. i cant install yahoo messanger i dont know why maybe its bcos of the avast anti virus give me more information

  13. hi, there
    I cannot login to messanger , dont know wht is the problem ,yesturday it was fine ,but 2day morning i just getting hang up

  14. yahoo messenger is not working from 13 th july what the problem i m fed with all this plz resolve this matter as early as possible thanx

  15. even m goin thru d same prob i dunno y dis version 8 wrks well n old versions r unable to b downloaded y jus please temme if nee 1 one jus help me out!!!

  16. I hope the bailout package contained a sweetener that addresses yahoo’s inability to work without my installing their crazy-ass jerkware.

  17. my yahoo messenger is not working even after reinstalling it.. it keeps hanging!!! o hellp puhleese

  18. fnd i am getting error in my yahoo massanger 9. i cant login. i get a box with 3 options. 1st new user? 2nd login problems and 3rd try again. what should i do. plz help me

  19. same problem here, can’t login!
    looks like some services in win xp is required by YM!, which I have already disabled.

    could be a DLL or some weirdo services required, and I have disabled such service, hence the connection/login problem im facing with Y!M.

  20. Issue ID LTK42601141969
    I still have the same problem after I deleted and reinstalled Yahoo Messenger. It keeps signing me off and signing me back in again every 30 seconds

  21. i enter my email address and password a yellow face jumps and when i click on massenger it does not open options but 3 options comes 1. help 2. try again 3. when i click on try again it asks my first and second name , sex , pin code my pin code is 845401 when i write it reply comes pin code is incorrect!
    many times i have tried but same thing comes , please help me!!!

  22. Sorry but this original post was four years ago and I’m unlikely to be able to help you debug a current issue. Closing comments on this post.

    I recommend that you use an official support channel for Yahoo! Messenger or the client that you are using to attempt to connect. Good luck.

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