My Canon 350D just became obsolete 🙁

While I’d love a 400D (particularly the auto sensor-cleaning, larger LCD and resolution), I think I’m now more likely to upgrade to a 30D or 5D in the future – but not until I’m much richer!

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  1. […] As Andy reports, my “new” camera has already been trumped by the recently announced Canon 400D. Improvements include a 10MP self-cleaning sensor and a larger LCD. You can’t win with electronic gadgets though: there is always something better just round the corner. Just think how much I’m saving on disk space though. […]

  2. Well, I’m unlikely to change from a 350D to a compact, but I’ll keep the SD700 in mind if we go for a compact as an additional camera – thanks for the recommendation.

    Dave is quite right – you can’t win. I’m happy with my 350D.

  3. While they kepp upgrading the sensor megapixel rate, people (generally) will keep upgrading. Me? I’m still using my 6.3mp EOS 10d. It’s not just that I can’t afford to upgrade, I hate the plastic body of most of the new models.

    Until Canon produce a full frame sensor in a metal body of a reasonable size at a reasonable (£1000 ish) I will keep the 10d thanks.

    Reasonable size – my 10d is a great size and I have fairly large hands. I had a play with a 350d the other day and it felt like I was shooting with a matchbox. I reckon that the “big battery grip” would help, but I’m not sure.

  4. I’m really not all that attracted by the increased megapixels. I’m more interested in the self-cleaning, the LCD size, and the UI / functional improvements they will have ported in from the 30D and 5D developments.

    I haven’t picked up one of the metal bodied Canon DSLRs, so I can’t comment on the weight and feel etc.. I imagine that stepping down from one might make the 350d feel smaller. I’m pretty happy with that. I’ve got the battery grip, but have almost never used it.

  5. I think for all intents and purposes the MP thing has got to the point where it no longer matters. Most cameras are at least 5MP now, and increasingly compactstart at 7MP with DSLRs at 10MP. My understanding is that can’t go much above 7MP on the sensor on a compact without serious detriment to image quality. The 350D image is superb already, and most reviews I’ve read suggest that the only thing that the 400D has over it is a few extra pixels around the side, rather than improved quality. In the case of DSLRs, generally you’ll get improved image quality through a better lens, rather than by looking for a higher MP rating.

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