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Trying to save w.bloggar…

My favourite blogging tool, w.bloggar, has dropped off the Internet – the site is suspended at the moment 😦

I’ve been trying to reach the author, Marcelo Leal Limaverde Cabral, but his email address is at the domain, and I assume that he’s not able to pull mail from there at the moment.

Anyone know how to contact him? It would be good to keep w.bloggar alive, it is the most useful blogging tool I’ve found so far.

Moving my digital home – the T60p

Richard has had one for a while now… on Thursday I finally took delivery of my new Thinkpad T60p, and I’ve spent much of the weekend getting my data transferred across from my ageing T40.

Things I love about this machine… The keyboard is really nice and snappy, much nicer feel than the T40.

The screen is amazing, so bright, so sharp… and I’m running it in 1600×1200. I was never able to run the T40 at that resolution; even though it supported it, the display was too small and it just wasn’t comfortable to do so… I can see myself dropping back to a lower resolution as time goes by, but this is great so far.

It connects to my home WLAN at 54Mbps, which again my T40 didn’t do – it was only managing 11Mbps. Unlike some of my colleagues, I do use the Access Connections software, and it works very nicely.

Things I’m not so sure about… the new Fn-key layout is a bit annoying. I’d become very used to hitting Fn-F3 to blank the screen, and on the T60p by default that appears to do something with the power scheme instead – it can be configured, but as it happens it doesn’t seem to let me blank the screen once I’ve locked it using Ctrl-Alt-Del (that worked on the T40).

There’s a Windows key – which has halved the size of the Alt key, meaning that I have to be more careful when hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del!

The Ultrabay HDD adapter delivered with the machine only takes SATA drives, which means I couldn’t just load my existing T40 disk in and copy files across. Fortunately, I then discovered that the Ultrabay adapter from the T40 slotted in nicely so I was able to get stuff copied over much more quickly than I’d originally expected.

I have a Microdrive and a 3G/GPRS PCMCIA card… and I spent some time trying to put them both into the card slot on the T60. I finally discovered that the T60 actually only has room for one PCMCIA Type II card – the top slot in the card bay only takes the new ExpressCard standard. I won’t be using both the Microdrive and the 3G card at the same time any more.

Finally, my machine doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner and didn’t come with a port replicator, but I can live with those limitations.

More to come as I learn more about any possible foibles.

Here’s a nice review of the T60.

Google makes Talk better

Google Talk has just been upgraded to add file transfer, music trends, voicemail and buddy icons – basically it is catching up with a number of the other instant messaging offerings. They also have a “chat theme” feature which allows you to customise how the chat window displays the chat (with or without buddy icon, with or without dividers or chat bubbles, etc.). It is not quite as simple as it was when it was launched, but the interface is still clean and tidy. The upgrade was really neat, it didn’t force me to download a new binary, I just clicked Check for Updates Now on the popup menu, and it upgraded itself silently.

I admit that I haven’t used Talk much, but I’ll try to log on to it more often and give it a try. There’s a Google Talk Blog which you can follow if you are interested – in fact it turns out that there are blogs for pretty much all of the Google offerings..

In other IM news, I’m now running one of the release candidates of IBM Sametime 7.5 on my work laptop, and it is really good 🙂 Not long to wait before the release, now…

Update: Sametime 7.5 is available early – great news!  More here and here. The full release is next week.

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How to keep track of blog comments

Andrew Ferrier notes that blog commenting is weak – and I happen to agree with him. If a comment is left on my own blog, I get notified by email. If I go off and comment on another blog (say, something hosted on Blogger or Spaces) then I have to remember to revisit that post later.

The good news is that just announced a new My Comments feature. This means that I can track responses to comments that I’ve left on other blogs via my Dashboard. Combined with the recently-launched (and brilliant) Tag Surfer feature, this makes much more like Flickr as a community site. I’m sure I’ll discovering a bunch of new blogs as a result.

I’ve recently helped to convert Sam to… and my own decision to migrate continues to pay off in spades, as more and more excellent new features are added. Just remind me again, does PlodderBlogger provide built-in stats, comment tracking, tag surfing, import/export, mobile support, widgets…? no? how long ago did Google buy them, promising riches and improvements?

Incidentally, IBM’s internal blogging setup also allows me to keep track of comments I have left on other people’s blogs, via a similar dashboard. I guess this is one advantage of a centrally-hosted, centrally-developed blogging system.

Any more takers for the conversion?

[update: apparently Blogger is about to be upgraded. Whoop-de-do! here’s a review…]

Competition for w.bloggar?

I’ve just been reading about Windows Live Writer, the desktop blogging tool from Microsoft aimed at Windows Live Spaces.

It looks quite nice in the screenshots. I’m not going to be using it, primarily because it apparently doesn’t work with… although w.bloggar copes with my WordPress and Roller-based blogging accounts, it won’t let me post to my Windows Live Spaces blog (not that I actually use that one, so it’s no big deal).

If you are a die-hard Windows and Windows Live Spaces user, by all means check it out. I’m sticking with w.bloggar for now.

(update: read the comments – looks like Windows Live Writer should work with WordPress, although I haven’t tried it yet… not only that, but it looks like the w.bloggar site is dead at the moment, and I can’t contact the author, so that’s pretty bad!)