Software updates – jUploadr, GreatNews

Link to jUploadr 1.1 is here

jUploadr is a Java / SWT-based desktop client for uploading photos to Flickr and Zooomr. I have to recommend that if you use either of these sites, you give this a try. It is really great software.

(I was one of the beta testers… thanks to Steve Cohen for being so responsive to our comments during the testing phase)

Link to GreatNews and Windows Live Writer

My new favourite feedreader, GreatNews, now has a plugin which allows you to create new posts using Windows Live Writer based on the article you are currently reading. Good stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Software updates – jUploadr, GreatNews”

  1. Great questions James, I should have covered them in the post, shouldn’t I? That will teach me to remember that I have inquisitive readers… 😉

    Why would you use jUploadr… well for me, the reasons are: it is cross-platform and native-looking; allows me to individually edit title, description and tags all in one place before uploading; allows batch editing of many photos at once; has tag completion; works with Zooomr as well as Flickr. I just had to reinstall Flickr’s Uploadr to remind myself what jUploadr had, and urgh! It’s so basic. You can only set one lot of tags for an upload, right? All photos with the same tags, and no titles or descriptions, they get edited later? Dark ages 😛

    GreatNews is just an RSS reader that I really like – RSSBandit used to get my feeds muddled up, GreatNews is fast (Windows-only though), configurable, has plugins to allow me to post using e.g. Windows Live Writer or w.bloggar directly… I guess these things are very much down to personal taste.

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