Stratford mosaic

Two weeks ago I took Ola to Stratford to see The Tempest at the RSC. She wrote her dissertation on Literary Responses to The Tempest, so I thought that the combination of the play and her favourite actor (Patrick Stewart) would be a winner. Due to poor planning on my part, I ended up having to buy tickets on EBay and they were not the best in the house, by a long chalk… and she wasn’t hugely impressed with the interpretation of the play, which was set on some kind of Baltic island rather than a tropical one. We did enjoy seeing the town, though – I’ve uploaded some shots to Flickr. Click the image above, and then follow the notes to see the full-size originals.

These are also the first shots where I’ve made a determined effort to use Adobe Lightroom. More on that experience soon (I know, I’ve said that before… been a bit busy…).

3 responses to “Stratford-upon-Avon

  1. At least the pictures were great! Sorry about the poor interpretation of the play!


  2. That’s OK, it wasn’t your fault… or was it… you don’t direct plays for the RSC as a sideline, do you?


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