Stratford mosaic

Two weeks ago I took Ola to Stratford to see The Tempest at the RSC. She wrote her dissertation on Literary Responses to The Tempest, so I thought that the combination of the play and her favourite actor (Patrick Stewart) would be a winner. Due to poor planning on my part, I ended up having to buy tickets on EBay and they were not the best in the house, by a long chalk… and she wasn’t hugely impressed with the interpretation of the play, which was set on some kind of Baltic island rather than a tropical one. We did enjoy seeing the town, though – I’ve uploaded some shots to Flickr. Click the image above, and then follow the notes to see the full-size originals.

These are also the first shots where I’ve made a determined effort to use Adobe Lightroom. More on that experience soon (I know, I’ve said that before… been a bit busy…).

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