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As Jeff Barr notes on the AWS Blog, he dropped in to Hursley yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet him, in my guise as a contributor to eightbar.

Jeff is Web Services evangelist for Amazon. He was fresh from speaking at d.Construct last week, and full of interesting information. Topics of conversation ranged from Second Life, to what people are doing with services like S3 (the online storage service) and EC2 (virtualised processing, basically on-demand commissioning of Linux Xen images for your computing tasks). He also talked about his experience of presenting in Second Life; and introduced us to Fabjectory, for when you just have to have a statuette of your Second Life avatar – just a little too expensive for me!

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5 thoughts on “The web services evangelist”

  1. Hey Andy,

    I’m the founder of Fabjectory and understand what you mean about the price. Unfortunately, there are very high fixed costs in consumables with this type of technology. It’s quite literally the inkjet printer market but done in 3D.

    I think it’s important also to think of this as the very bleeding edge of this technology. If you imagine where the printer market was 10 – 15 years ago, that’s where the 3D Fabrication industry is today.

    Fabricating Avatars is the just the beginning, I’m trying to move as quickly as possible into the mass customization of consumer goods and anything else that the creative people in SecondLife would like to bring into the real world.


  2. Thanks for visiting – great!

    Oh, I really do understand the costs involved… we actually have some 3D printer-fabricated items in the office, and they have tickets attached indicating the costs of the printers that made them… so that’s fair enough. It’s totally personal, I can’t justify the cost of buying myself a copy of my Avie, even if I do (really, really) want to!

    I think what you are doing is excellent – good luck with it. I’ll be following your progress.

  3. […] Jeff Barr is Amazon’s Web Services Evangelist, and all round good guy. Just last week, Ian wrote about a presentation Jeff recently gave in Second Life. We were lucky enough to secure some time in Hursley with the man himself this week, where Andy and I were delighted to be able to get to know him a little better. It sounds like Jeff has been enjoying a very busy few weeks, so it was great that he could spare an hour to meet up in Hursley for a chat. […]

  4. I thought you probably would get one, from the way your eyes lit up!
    Mind you, your avatar is nice and smooth – mine has prim hair and a dragon curled round his back… might be harder to fabricate. And you are clearly much richer than me 😉

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