El Reg picks up on our Second Life adventures

A great write-up on The Register about some of the stuff we’ve been doing in Second Life.

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4 responses to “El Reg picks up on our Second Life adventures

  1. like i said on eightball this is actually a major piss off. I came down to Hursley the other day with a group of industry analysts WITH EVERY EXPECTATION we would get some interesting second life content. not a bloody sausuage. there was some good stuff to be sure – but hearing about DEFRA’s IBM SOA really doesn’t cut in on an emerging tech day. sorry but to find out that a bunch of reporters got the second life treatment – is pretty bloody annoying. particularly given all the content was NDA.


  2. Yes, I keep thinking I should get involved with Second Life. But then I struggle with the question: why? What is it for? Is it a useful medium?

    I guess the only way to really find out is to get involved (I resisted blogging for a long while for the same reason), but is there a write-up that explains the value of Second Life? I have to be cynical and say that most of what I’ve seen so far seems rather game-like.


  3. Check the links at the end of my previous post on the topic for some hints on value.

    James, again, I’m sorry to have missed you!


  4. OK, sorry, obviously missed those.

    Conference Island: Sure, looks interesting. Will be curious to see if it’s the next video conferencing (cost outweighs benefits) or if the added interaction really adds value (I wouldn’t deny for a minute that getting people physically close has huge value – does this get us close enough?)

    Slurlblogger: Sorry, I don’t get it 🙂 Maybe it would make more sense once I’ve tried SL.

    The last link on ‘Second Life for a weekend’ is pretty good at explaining what SL is about at a usage level: but I still struggle with the applications. But I will try it out, as I’d really like to understand it properly.


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