El Reg picks up on our Second Life adventures

A great write-up on The Register about some of the stuff we’ve been doing in Second Life.

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4 thoughts on “El Reg picks up on our Second Life adventures”

  1. like i said on eightball this is actually a major piss off. I came down to Hursley the other day with a group of industry analysts WITH EVERY EXPECTATION we would get some interesting second life content. not a bloody sausuage. there was some good stuff to be sure – but hearing about DEFRA’s IBM SOA really doesn’t cut in on an emerging tech day. sorry but to find out that a bunch of reporters got the second life treatment – is pretty bloody annoying. particularly given all the content was NDA.

  2. Yes, I keep thinking I should get involved with Second Life. But then I struggle with the question: why? What is it for? Is it a useful medium?

    I guess the only way to really find out is to get involved (I resisted blogging for a long while for the same reason), but is there a write-up that explains the value of Second Life? I have to be cynical and say that most of what I’ve seen so far seems rather game-like.

  3. OK, sorry, obviously missed those.

    Conference Island: Sure, looks interesting. Will be curious to see if it’s the next video conferencing (cost outweighs benefits) or if the added interaction really adds value (I wouldn’t deny for a minute that getting people physically close has huge value – does this get us close enough?)

    Slurlblogger: Sorry, I don’t get it 🙂 Maybe it would make more sense once I’ve tried SL.

    The last link on ‘Second Life for a weekend’ is pretty good at explaining what SL is about at a usage level: but I still struggle with the applications. But I will try it out, as I’d really like to understand it properly.

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