More on the TomTom 910 – it gets better

Since getting my TomTom, I’ve experienced intermittent connection problems with the windscreen dock… basically it would not always keep a good connection, so I’d have to press it down whilst driving. It was irritating. One of the firmware updates stopped it from powering off when it lost the connection (the worst part about the problem at first), so it hadn’t affected me hugely, but it was an annoyance.

I just read on that if your TT x10 came from one of the early batches, you can now order a replacement dock for free. Just type in your serial number and they will ship it out. I just registered for mine. I think this is excellent, and a good move by TomTom.

In other news (also via, there has been another firmware update which adds support for the soon-to-be-released Car Connect (Bluetooth car kit) and the RDS-TMC receiver, both of which I’m eagerly awaiting…

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8 thoughts on “More on the TomTom 910 – it gets better”

  1. Sorry you have had trouble with your TomTom, i have heard nothing but great things about the 910. I am interested in getting the ONE but i need to save some money first. Do you have it working properly now? Would you recommend the 910?

  2. Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply I’d had problems. Really the only issue has been occasional bad connection from the car mount – I can’t say that the issue is all OK until the new dock arrives sometime in the next 10 days.

    I’d *totally* recommend the 910. It’s amazing. I don’t have an MP3 player for the car, so that’s a major plus. It has been fantastic so far – check out my earlier posts on the subject.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, i was a tad worried that the 910 could be faulty but i have heard good things so i am glad you clarified. I will read some of your other posts on TomToms, thanks for the advice!!

  4. Is that the only symptom? Has it ever come on? Have you tried leaving it for a while?

    Most importantly: have you contacted TomTom support?

  5. Tried resetting it?

    I really would open a ticket with TomTom support, they’ve always responded to my questions quite quickly. I did have an issue where mine wouldn’t switch off once, but it got resolved very quickly.

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