Quiet weekend

Nothing much to report.

We did some shopping in honour of Ola’s birthday.

I processed some more photos from the Open House weekend (go see, and please comment to let me know what you think).

I’ve noticed a significant dip in interest in terms of hits over the weekend. Last week I maintained a pleasing plateau of hits every day, but it dropped off at the weekend. I guess this correlates to a) the fact that I don’t tend to blog much of a weekend and b) people use their computers more often during the week.

One response to “Quiet weekend

  1. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for visiting me earlier, glad to recommend you, great opinions and info on here 😉
    I was at IBM straight out of college from 1997-2001 in both the PC Group and Global Services, and leaving was probably the worst decision I ever made. I miss SO many people.
    Thanks for the links too btw!


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