New RawStudio

An open source competitor to Lightroom is RawStudio, which just hit version 0.4… nothing on the news page at the time of writing, but the tarball is available. If you are a Linux user, take a look. I’ll be compiling myself a copy as soon as a get a chance.

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3 thoughts on “New RawStudio”

  1. The only thing missing from all these tools is a good tagging.
    Lightroom does it really well and is even hierarchical. The only thing I want to know is how it stores it (is it in the file headers? if so that is good, then other programs can read my catalog data too. So when I want to use another platform, or change software I don’t have to recategorise my thousands of photos)
    Bibble doesn’t seem to (or at lease I can’t figure out how), and few of the free linux ones are any good.

    I liked the idea of Bibble, as it is both linux and windows, so would suit me nicely!

  2. I’m pretty certain that Lightroom has some proprietary DB format where it is storing all kinds of information. A real shame. I liked the way that Rawshooter stored its data in a .RWSettings file in the image directory, so I could just store the image directory not worry about losing settings. I should really look into this in more detail.

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