Phew, battery OK

Looks like the battery in my T60p is a Panasonic, not a Sony, and not affected by the recall. I was able to find out the manufacturer without removing the battery by launching the Power Manager, and looking at the Battery Information tab. Check out the Lenovo site for a tool which will auto-check your battery for you.

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5 responses to “Phew, battery OK

  1. You ever tried creating a new power scheme with that power manager, or changing schemes, the crappy thing doesnt work for me, I can now create a scheme after some of my own reg hacking but they still dont change and the settings that I say in the scheme arent actually used. Worst software ever


  2. Just tried it. Works for me. Got all the latest updates applied?


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  4. Hi. Thanks for linking to my site.
    I’ve updated the title and the address has shifted to

    Oh ya, I got the new battery already. Cool. 😀


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