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Fedora Core 6 round-up

I set my home workstation downloading the FC6 DVD ISO yesterday morning. I have to say that I never bothered going back to check that it came down successfully. Looking forward to an opportunity to get it installed… although I think I’m going to try an upgrade from FC4, which may not be advisable but I can’t face recreating various settings.

Here are some of the articles I’ve been reading to work myself into a state of anticipation at all the Linuxy goodness:

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Article published in Slate Magazine

My recent interview with Mel Cheeky has been picked up by Slate Magazine and republished (with the permission of both myself and Mel). Slate Magazine is an online and in-world publication all about the arts in Second Life. There are some other interesting articles in the October edition, go check it out.

Pretty nice to have my amateur journalistic efforts publicised 🙂

Slides, Super 8, and old cameras, oh my!

Recently I saw some old cine film footage from the 1930s that had been transferred to DVD. We were staying with a friend down in Poole, and her mother was having to sell the house that her grandfather had built… they had a lot of old cine film showing life before the war, and I was absolutely fascinated. No sound, but remarkably good picture quality.

It got me thinking that my mother had some reels of film somewhere, since I remember my parents setting up a projection screen in the living room from time to time when I was small. Yesterday I had a dig around in her loft. I was quite keen to see what was there: I don’t have many photos of my father, and certainly no film of him or record of his voice; Ola never had the chance to meet him, so I’d like to find out what we do have.

It turned out to be an interesting experience. I found the old Kodak Ektasound 130 video camera, which still has a Super 8 cartridge in it. There is also an old spool-to-spool projector, which (like the camera) probably hadn’t been touched for 20 years. As soon as I switched the projector on, the bulb blew. I could only find two 15m spools of film, and I have a feeling that at that length it will not add up to much footage… but still, I’m intrigued to know what is on them. Probably snippets of my brother and I when we were small – I’m sure all totally embarrassing, but I’m prepared to take the risk!

Talking to the local camera shop, they will do a DVD transfer for me, but it has to go via VHS tape first. I think I’ll take the spools down next weekend and see what they have to say.

Another thing that we turned up (apart from the old photo albums) was about 20 boxes of slides dating from 1959 to somewhere in the 70s, when I reckon the film camera took over. We don’t have a slide projector so it isn’t easy to tell what they are all of, although at least one box appears to show stills of the TV during the moon landings in the late 60s. The camera shop will apparently be able to digitise these for me at a cost of 85p per slide, but that is going to seriously add up. I suppose it might even get to the point where a slide scanner is a reasonable purchase, although I suspect that I’d only use it on this one set of slides. I’ll have to ask around and see if anyone at work has one that I can borrow.

Apart from all that, there was a bunch of old photographic equipment including an Ilford Advocate camera that felt like a lead weight; some analogue exposure meters; and two twin-lens slide cameras, one still boxed. Time to check out the second-hand market to see what these might be worth.

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Selling a photo (maybe)

This afternoon I received a very exciting email:

I think your image “zzz” works very well. Do you have it in high quality ? Can I use it ? We are able to pay 100-200 US$ for it. (full rights-you will not be able to apply in commercial use again) [sic]
Please let me know.

Naturally I’m thrilled that someone wants to buy one of my photos (see on Flickr). However, I have to admit that I’m a total newbie when it comes to negotiating commercial rights to my shots.

I’ve replied asking for more details of what specific purpose they want it for, and to explain the rights issue, as I’m not sure I’m comfortable assigning “full rights” – I assume that would mean that I retain copyright, rights for personal use, etc. but I’m not clear. I’m also not sure on the value.

Any advice from any of my readers would be welcomed!

In addition, currently my Flickr shots are marked as All rights reserved. I’m thinking of switching to a Creative Commons license (specifically, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs). Any thoughts on that?

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Moleskine your London

One for Roo, Sacha and others…

I’m getting caught up in the hype around Moleskine notebooks. I think I want one, but I can’t quite quantify why. I’ve also found it very hard to find them in the shops… I found a few in Selfridges, but can’t seem to find them closer to home. As I get more into offline blogging, I frequently want to jot down a thought, so a nice portable notebook does appeal. They look nice.

(someone jump in and convince me – it shouldn’t take much)

Moleskine have just come out with City Notebooks, and naturally there’s a London version. Since I travel in and out of London regularly, this seems like an obvious choice. Not clear on the size though – is this pocketable, or something I need to carry in my bag?

(originally via Moleskinerie)

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