MiniCards arrived

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the Flickr MiniCards that MOO had just started selling. Yesterday, my free pack of 10 arrived (unfortunately the “10 free” offer is now over…).

10 free FlickrCards

The cards are pretty small, but very cool. They included an airline-style “luggage tag” (confirming that MOO are in London – as did the packaging).

Delivery ticket

Ola loves them too, and really wants some for herself… so I can see us ordering a pack of 100 each. Quality is excellent, they really are cards, and they have a nice matt finish.

First impressions (based on these cards) is that you want to choose a striking and colourful image – possibly a landscape one too, since the portrait ones I tried were not so successful to my eyes, but that could also be due to the level of detail in the images I chose.

Tall ones

Full set of images viewable at Flickr.

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12 thoughts on “MiniCards arrived

  1. I got mine too and agree with all your comments. I like them a lot, although they were smaller than I thought they’d be. The biggest challenge was picking pictures for the back that worked for such a small space. I had mixed results, but I’ll do better next time, now that I know what to expect. At 100 for $19.95, I can see myself ordering more some day.

    Here’s a business model issue though – the folks who would care most about perhaps receiving one of these from me would be my blog readers … and I don’t even know who they are! 🙂


  2. That’s another reason why I started a guest book… no takers yet, though. It’s a bit “old school” I suppose.

    I definitely need more, because I can’t bring myself to give any of these up!


  3. I got mine a few days ago too. 4 of the 10 just said photo unavailable so I wouldn’t be rushing off to get 100 printed even though they look quite cool.


  4. Oh no, what a shame! Do you have any private Flickr photos that might have shown up when you were logged on, but that the robot couldn’t pull down later? (assuming that is how it works, I don’t know!). Mine are so cool. I gave one to my niece yesterday, and I think I might hand some out in London next week.


  5. There are quite a few of us, it seems (see the About page for a brief mention of another – unless that is you). I shall soon be leaving my MiniCards all over the place though, thus claiming the name for myself 😉


  6. I thought it might have been the privacy settings of my pictures 99.9% of my pics are public. Oh well. They’re nifty little things. Hopefully they’ll make them available in different sizes. Height was a bit restrictive.


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