New TomTom mount arrived

The replacement car mount for my TomTom GO 910 arrived the other day.

New and old

The change appears minor. The new mount is shown on the left, and has an extra lip protruding behind the connector. The old mount on the right doesn’t have this (more shots of the mount on Flickr).

The 910 snaps satisfyingly into place in the new mount, and seems slightly harder to remove. I haven’t taken it out in the car yet, but hopefully this suggests that it will not drop the connection like the old one did.

Again, kudos to TomTom for going ahead and replacing these for free.

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3 thoughts on “New TomTom mount arrived”

  1. Once you take your 910 into the car, let me know how the new mount works. I am curious to see if they have fixed the problem.

  2. I took it out today. It works perfectly. Did a good 100 miles on different qualities of roads, no connection problems at all. It’s great 🙂

  3. Hey thanks for the feedback Andy, I appreciate it. Glad they fixed the 910 mount problems. 100 miles in a day? Wow, you really tested it. Have a good weekend.

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