I took the opportunity of a day off to try out a different blog theme. One of the comments when I was blogreview’ed a few weeks ago was that my style wasn’t the most interesting, and wasn’t great for showing off photos. So, I’ve updated the header, and gone for a theme that differentiates me from Aidy and various others on I like it – hopefully it looks a little cleaner, and it should be wider for displaying photos, too.

I’m thinking of making a few other tweaks yet (I’m not sure I like the title being separate from the image, for instance), but they will require me to pay for custom CSS, and I don’t have time to play right now.

Update: OK, so I went for the custom CSS route. New design with help from the CSS of the James Betelle blog. I’ll make a few more tweaks as I go.

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8 thoughts on “Refresh”

  1. Cool look. I’ve been toying with the idea of changing mine, but don’t worry I’ll stay away from this theme 😉 Am considering going the custom CSS route though. In some respects I wish I’d installed on some hosted space, but then I have little enough free time as it is without hacking XHTML and CSS and messing around with plugins.

  2. Adrian, I kind of have the same views on the hosted option – but I like the convenience of this one. In fact, this week I exported all the entries from the wp installation I used to have on my home server, and imported them here (thus the posts pre-Dec 05). OK so I can’t include every customisation I want, but this just works and I don’t have to worry about it.

    Dave, yep, you could be right – although the water goes out a long way at Chapel Porth on the spring tides, so I was probably just paddling a little. Can’t remember. The hardest thing is getting the image cropped and resized to fit the header, to be honest.

  3. Andy, your site looks great! So clean and easy to navigate. Very inspiring.

    I also had a heck of a time getting my header even close to how I wanted it to look. I thought it was because I’m so new to XHTML & CSS, but perhaps it is harder than I initially thought. Anyway, yours looks very nice.

  4. Andy, the new look for the site is great. It’s one of those things I keep meaning to do and never get round to.
    I wondered where in Cornwall your header image was from and now I know! Looks like a visit to Chapel Porth is on the list next time I’m down there.

  5. Sorry Steve, I couldn’t find your name on the James Betelle blog – thanks for your stylesheet… in the end I pretty much only used the bits around the header and fonts. I’ve been playing around with the image styles but so far I haven’t come up with anything that I’m happy with / works.

    carolj / plucky, thanks for the comments on the site.

    plucky, Chapel Porth is a lovely beach and a great area to explore on foot, there are some fantastic views along the cliffs there too. Recommended.

  6. I like this design just fine, but the old one was fine also. Remember it’s YOUR site, so you have to be pleased with it.

    I had some folks complain aboug Right Truth, I tried out several other designs, some folks liked them some didn’t. So it was back to what I liked.

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