Queen Elizabeth Park

Today I went for a walk to capture some autumnal shots… the number of conkers falling in the back garden was a sign that there should be some good colour out there.

I went to Queen Elizabeth Park, a small park north of Farnborough town centre just past the mainline railway station.

Woodland floor

Toadstools, leaf, moss

Autumn colour

To enjoy more autumn colour, check out my Flickr set here.

I went searching for a link to more information about Queen Elizabeth Park… which I failed to find on the Rushmoor Borough Council website, despite there apparently being a Friends of QE Park organisation, also without a website… I ended up finding a blog posting by someone else who had been early last year, who also has a Flickr set.

5 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Park”

  1. This is my favourite time of year for photos.
    I have lost my way with taking photos somewhat, so I am hoping that this Autumn is going to bring a plethora of colour and some great photo opportunities.

  2. Queen Elizabeth Park. This Beautiful Park in Farnborough is now under attack from those who, not content with the EXISTING road network are now tearing up this last vestage of countryside. the play area for todlers is now upgraded to a play area for the town Antisocial Tearaways who terrorise the local residents until 1-30 am on a Friday and Saturday night. There is a cycle path now being driven through the Park, past the play area where Mum’s and todlers run the risk of being run over. Why is it considered that pedestrians and cyclists don’t mix on the footpath but do mix in a park? Now an enlarged Car park is wanted to take the extra weekend traffic. What a waste of a park where it was once a pleasure to walk with my Grandchildren. PLEASE HELP.

  3. Beautiful pics, Andy, and full of nostalgia for me. Much of my upper teenage life took place in QE Park; in those days (mid 50s) everyone referred to it as “The Tunnels.” Part (1/4) of my oldest friend’s ashes were recently taken from St Louis to be scattered in the park. It looks a lot more open now, judging from your pictures.
    Thanks for posting them.

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