Broker round-up

If you don’t subscribe to the developerWorks WebSphere Message Broker RSS feed, you may have missed a lot of the recent announcements and articles. Even if you do, I’d like to pick out a few of the highlights.

Connecting the JMS Transport Nodes for WebSphere Message Broker v6 to Popular JMS Providers (dW article): WMB v6 has the ability to connect to any JMS 1.1-compliant provider. This article describes how you can configure the broker to connect to WMQ JMS, the WebSphere messaging provider in WebSphere Application Server v6, Tibco EMS and SonicMQ. It also describes some of the scenarios associated with the use of the JMS nodes. The article was written by Hursley’s Rich Bicheno, and Mark Kovacevich, so you know the content is coming from the experts. Very useful for any broker developer faced with the need to connect to a JMS provider.

WebSphere Message Broker V6.0 Client for WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (SupportPac IA9L): I mentioned this in my entry last week about WSRR. This is going to be important going forward. I’ll be installing it on my own broker shortly.

Managing WebSphere Message Broker Resources in a Production Environment (Redbook): after you’ve designed and developed your ESB solution, it would be nice to put it into production! The Redbook covers some of the key topics in this area – naming conventions, security, backup and recovery, basic monitoring, problem determination, etc.. I still haven’t had a chance to work all the way through the book, but the sections I’ve read so far are very good.

High Availability for WebSphere Message Broker on Distributed Platforms (SupportPac IC91): this replaces the series of SupportPacs that used to provide instructions on high availability for individual platforms. It consolidates the information into a single document which describes the setup for HACMP, Veritas Cluster Server, MC/ServiceGuard, MSCS and HA-Linux. Example scripts are included.

That’s enough for now… there is a lot of activity in the WMB space, so if you are interested in this stuff then keep an eye on the RSS feed. Lots of new information for me to absorb!

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