Unwelcome news on the Fedora front

Looks like the Fedora Core 6 release has slipped by a few days (originally via Phoronix).

This is unfortunate. Based on the original release date of this week, I’d been hoping to upgrade both my FC2 and FC4 boxes while I had a free weekend (Ola will be in Poland).

Oh well. Maybe I’ll take some photos instead.

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  1. […] OK, so the Fedora release slippage was a shame, but instead of installing that I’d been hoping to get to a few events this weekend. As it happens, work got in the way – at the last minute I was asked to help a customer, so I’m providing some out-of-hours support. It is actually reasonably interesting: lots of hands-on Linux work, which I don’t get to do as often as I’d like. […]

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