Unplanned outages

OK, so the Fedora release slippage was a shame, but instead of installing that I’d been hoping to get to a few events this weekend. As it happens, work got in the way – at the last minute I was asked to help a customer, so I’m providing some out-of-hours support. It is actually reasonably interesting: lots of hands-on Linux work, which I don’t get to do as often as I’d like.

Last night I took Ola to Luton Airport… not only were the M25 and M1 as badly-congested as might have been expected at 6pm on a Friday, but there are also various changes to the road layout at Luton itself, which meant that the traffic was jammed solid both in and out of the airport, and I didn’t get home until late. Whilst I’m on a slight rant, we were also annoyed by the fact that the case that Ola took had to be checked in. I’d previously measured to ensure that it conformed to the correct size for carry-on luggage out of the UK. Nevertheless, it didn’t fit into the WizzAir-provided luggage measuring cage, which I’m sure must therefore be smaller than the standard size. All of that pales into insignificance when I consider the overall problems she had with the journey: the flight was delayed, there was no food onboard as the plane had left Warsaw in too much of a hurry, and then they had car troubles at the other side which meant she didn’t get to bed until 5am!

I’m probably doing remote support tomorrow, but if I do get time I want to get out for more autumn photography.

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