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I found myself at a loose end the past couple of evenings so I decided to check out the live music scene in Second Life.

Yesterday I attended a gig by Uncle Funky Shoes (Ufs Hyde in Second Life). Unfortunately the sim was extremely busy and didn’t rez well, so I didn’t take any snapshots. However, the music was great – bluesy guitar stuff, an engaging performer, and a good time. I couldn’t find anything about him on the Internet. This afternoon I managed to get in touch with Lady Serra, who setup the UncleFunkyShoes Fans group in SL, and found out that although there are a couple of MP3s available, they don’t currently have a website. I offered to help out and pointed her at for a blog… need to find somewhere to host a few music files, and they should be all set. I hope I can help them here, as it seems crazy that he is not online yet.

Tonight I came across a lady called Mel Cheeky, gigging at the Rainbow Moon Club (slurl: Helvellyn 78,204,502). Mel is the SL incarnation of Melanie Fudge, based in Wales in the UK. She has a great voice, although apparently she’s getting over a flu bug and was getting a bit croaky so had to cut the set short… and I arrived late… so it was all a bit short but I hope she recovers soon. All I can say is wonderful voice (even when she’s ill!), with very laid back folksy guitar – just my kind of thing.

After she ended the gig, Mel was kind enough to pose for a couple of photos:

Mel Cheeky at Rainbow Moon Club

Mel Cheeky at Rainbow Moon Club

(more photos tagged “Mel Cheeky” on Flickr)

I popped across to her website where you can download 38 tracks for less than the cost of a CD, which is excellent value. I’m looking forward to hearing them. You can also hear her music online, so check out the websites. I might see if she wants to do an interview for my blog at some point…

Realistically I’m not likely to get to gigs by these people in real life, so this is a great way to consume the music. You can even interact with the performers via on-screen chat, and generally the events are fairly small and intimate so it is different to some real life gigs. Worth a try.

I’m also very excited that Ben Folds is going to be performing in Second Life next week. I’ve registered for the event, but it is going to be at a fairly unreasonable hour in the UK so I may miss it.

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