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WebSphere Process Server and ESB 6.0.2

Various colleagues have blogged extensively on the forthcoming release of WebSphere ESB 6.0.2 – see the posts from Adrian, Chris, Andrew and Dave. Frankly, if you are interested in WESB at all then you should really be reading those blogs, since these four guys are top sources of information on the subject.

Although I’ve played with WebSphere ESB, I haven’t yet had cause to use it in the context of my day-to-day work, since I’ve been with Message Broker customers for much of the year. However, I do frequently come across the requirement for WebSphere Process Server to communicate with the Broker, and the new native WMQ bindings support provided in WPS and WESB 6.0.2 is going to simplify that. I can see that the option of connecting directly to a queue manager (rather than going through the MQLink from the SIBus) will simplify HA scenarios, one of which I’m looking at with a customer at the moment.

Incidentally, Process Server can of course already communicate with Message Broker using a variety of methods – off the top of my head they would be HTTP, JMS over MQ, and JMS via the MQLink (and the Broker’s JMS nodes can be configured to read from SIBus destinations, too). This new feature adds another option which improves the flexibility of WPS and WMB solutions.

Blogging – a connection with my former life

I was browsing Luis’ blog the other day and came across the fact that a new book is about to be publishedWhat No One Ever Tells You About Blogging and Podcasting. It’s a title that was always likely to grab my attention, but even more interesting to me is the fact that the author is Ted Demopoulos.

I met Ted something like seven years ago, when I was working as a middleware consultant at the UK Post Office, and he was an independent security consultant. I’m not sure that we ever talked a great deal… at the time I was working in a development and test capacity and not very involved in security discussions. I do remember that my manager at the time shared an interest in ham radio with him! It’s interesting to find that Ted is now writing on blogging topics. The book is heading straight to my wishlist. I hope to be able to read it at some stage soon; although I can’t see it listed on Amazon UK just yet, I’m sure it won’t be difficult to get hold of a copy.

Update: now on Amazon UK, too.

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